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 BT Americas, Inc. Assigns Realstar Custom Logo Lanyard and Badge Reel Project

Over the years Realstar Solutions has designed, printed and supplied many companies, schools, athletic associations, churches, etc. with custom accessories for use with Photo ID badges and event credentials. Realstar continues to strive to provide the latest and most desired custom accessories in the market.

Awareness of the need for security and personal identification has increased significantly. Business and daily life have changed from a time of moderate concern to a time of heightened concern for the safety and protection of personnel and property.  Now, more than ever this new world demands more complete and direct action to today’s identification security challenges. Realstar Solutions has the knowledge, personnel and products to ensure your efforts will be recognized and functional. 

BT has a large number of employees worldwide and a uniform, secure badging system was a task achieved with many partners and products that make the statement: “We are taking all measures to ensure the security of our members and facilities”. BT chose Realstar Solutions to provide custom lanyards and badges reels that cannot be forged easily. Realstar Solutions provided custom printed products to BT with great graphics and in a timely manner. Realstar has been able to maintain stock of custom items to exceed the expectations of most of our highly valued customers and cut lead times as much as possible.  BT has placed on going orders to be at the ready for any situation that may arise in such a large and respected organization. 

Realstar Solutions carries all the products any organization needs to protect their personnel and property securely. We are partnered with other companies to bring you the latest and most desired security, access control and Photo ID badging products and accessories in the world. Realstar is also a well respected Point of Sale provider for many high profile retail stores and integrators. One look at our website and you can see the expertise and range of products that we offer based on many years of experience and the recommendations and comments from our valued customers, each and all. 

Please call Realstar at 800-554-9111 or e-mail us at 

for information and the lowest, up-to-date price on any of our products .