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Hooters of America, Inc. “eyes” Realstar Solutions for custom card applications and more.

Hooters of America, Inc. is the Atlanta-based operator and franchiser of over 375 Hooters locations in 46 states, Argentina, Aruba, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, England, Guatemala, Mexico, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, Taipei and Venezuela. The privately held corporation owns 118 units.

When a company of this magnitude and prestige has a requirement for a particular application or product, you can bet they do their “homework” and research to determine which supplier has the qualifications to provide said product in a professional and steadfast manner. Realstar Solutions has provided Hooters of America Inc. with quality Photo ID systems, supplies and custom pre printed cards since 2001. “We’ve been called upon to fulfill many needs for Hooters in the past several years and their dedication to provide it’s customers with the very best product available has made working with them an experience that has impressed us greatly over the years,” said Conrad Hopp, P.O.S. Specialist at Realstar Solutions.

Realstar Solutions is also an Authorized Service Provider for Fargo Electronics Photo ID printers. “From time to time, due to our very large number of cards printed, we have repairs or servicing that needs to be made to one of our printers. Realstar Solutions provides onsite diagnosis and can repair the printers at our location. This is of significant value to us due to the urgent need for the cards in a timely manner,” said Chris Duncan, VP of Operations for Hooters of America, Inc.

Nam Truong, Fargo Repair Specialist and Technical Support Supervisor for Realstar Solutions stated “when Chris or another member of Hooters calls and needs service, we react quickly and get the job done, period. This has been a trademark for the technical support and service department for many years now and ALL of our customers can have come to rely on our knowledgeable and courteous staff here”. 

Realstar Solutions has also provided custom pre-printed cards for the staff of the restaurants as well as special events and customer loyalty cards that are later personalized using the Fargo printers and supplies. “Realstar Solutions carries all of our supplies in stock and they ship the product same day, yet another reason for the partnership between Realstar and Hooters,” said Curtis Badger. “Realstar also has a thorough quality assurance and testing program which ensures that when the final product is delivered, it’s to spec.”

Realstar Solutions can help any organization with custom pre-printed cards for any and all applications.   


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