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The Hyatt Regency Hotel, in the heart of Atlanta’s entertainment district, is similar to other hotels in its need for access control and key system monitoring. Its size, however, sets it apart. The 1,260-room hotel, built in 1967, features a 23-story atrium, three restaurants and a busy conference center.

“We have a ton of locked doors,” said Brett Gault, Regional Director of Information Systems for the facility, “all of which are necessary in order to maintain security for our guests and our employees.” In addition to the guest rooms, key systems are needed to access offices, storage rooms, boiler rooms, kitchens and other special areas. The Hyatt Regency employs more than 1,000 people, each with individual access needs and clearances, to serve the hundreds of thousands of guests who stay at the hotel every year.

The Hyatt Regency had been using a FARGO Persona® printer since 1994 to create employee identification badges. With its increased desire for key access security, however, administrators wanted a printer that could create an ID to serve multiple purposes.

The FARGO Card Personalization Solution

As a long-time FARGO customer, the Hyatt Regency information systems experts knew what the printers could do, so when they needed to upgrade, they stayed with FARGO and purchased a DTC525. “We did our research and looked at different systems,” said Gault, “but in the end, the FARGO printer had the features we needed, and we knew it was a reliable performer.”

“Since the Hyatt Regency personnel purchased the DTC525 in April 2002, they have printed more than 2,000 cards,” said Kevin Cain, Sales and System Consultant for FARGO Solution Provider Realstar Solutions. “The printer’s 4MB of RAM allows for fast full-color printing, and its removable card cleaning cartridge and replaceable cleaning tape saves the hotel time and money.”

The identification cards used by the Hyatt Regency include a photo of the hotel and Hyatt logo, a photo of the employee and the employee’s signature. A bar code on the back enables employees to gain access through a card reader at the facility’s new employee entrance.

Employees also are required to wear their identification cards in the cafeteria, and the cards are used with the hotel’s electronic time system as time cards for hourly employees. “One of the reasons we stayed with FARGO was because we wanted one card printer to do it all,” said Gault. “We are still exploring other security additions to our program, including guest badges for conference attendees and creating personalized guest room key cards for VIP groups. When we get to the point of expanding our uses for the identification badges, we know we will be able to grow with FARGO.”   

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