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   Sinai Temple looks to Realstar for Employee Identification Cards

Sinai Temple, in Los Angeles, CA,  had a need for a quality, long lasting employee identification card for the Synagogue to monitor access control for the grounds. “After researching and getting quotes from many companies around the nation and in the state of California, we chose Realstar Solutions” states Penny Ayeroff, Director of Facilities. 

“Realstar offered a great product with quick lead times and a fast response to our urgent card needs” said Penny.

When asked what specific card requirements were needed by Sinai Temple, Kevin Cain, sales associate with Realstar Solutions said “the Temple needed a way to visually see who had approval to be in a specific part of the building from a distance of at least twenty feet”. “We designed a card that would display the three different levels of access by putting a color coordinated border around the cards that could easily be seen by most from a twenty foot range”. “They also required a magnetic stripe to be encoded for access via card readers placed at most doors”.  

Realstar Solutions encoded, designed and personalized the cards including, the name of the person, their title and a photo for each employee at Sinai Temple in a very timely manner and was praised by the Temple and it’s employees for producing a product that would be worn proudly. “When new employees were hired at the Temple, Realstar was able to print the cards and ship the same day”. “That’s the kind of response to our needs we have been looking for in all aspects of our industry” Penny Ayeroff stated.   

Sinai Temple also needed the card to have a slot punch hole and lanyards thus enabling the badges to be worn visibly by all employees.  

Realstar Solutions can manufacture custom lanyards, badge reels and clips for all applications. Standard accessories are in stock and can ship right away. 

**Please call Realstar Solutions for all your Photo Id. and attachment/accessories needs at 800-554-9111               

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