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  Woodruff finds the “Art of Service” with Realstar Solutions 

The Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta, GA. has a strong affinity for Fargo Electronics photo id printers and the value added services that Realstar Solutions has provided for many years. The center uses the Photo ID system for:

  • Employee ID cards, for access control as well as time and attendance,
  • Volunteer badges for access control
  • Performers for access control

  “We have a vast area that creates our many different departments of our property and the importance of security is most evident in a post 9/11 era,” said Charlie Hatfield, Director of Information for The Woodruff Art’s Center. “It’s quite important to us to ensure the safety and security of our employees, guests and performers.”

 The Woodruff Art’s Center is located in the heart of downtown Atlanta and has been a staple of culture and diversity for Atlanta’s residents and visitors from near and far.

This downtown area consists of the administration building, The Arts Center, The Alliance Theater, Atlanta College of Art, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, The High Museum of Art and The 14TH Street Playhouse. With so many people entering the premises Woodruff Art’s Center has a large task of documenting its visitors, employees and all who enter the facility. Thusly, when a badge is required, reliability is a must. Recently, when their camera(purchased through a retail store) failed, Realstar Solutions got the call. They needed a solid reliable replacement right away. Realstar Solutions loaded up a ValCam Pro 8000 camera, specifically designed to work with Photo Id. solutions, and drove immediately down to the arts center and installed, trained the operator and made sure the camera was working properly.

With ValCams’ remote operation via mouse, there is no need to get up, focus, zoom or ever touch the camera. Simply pan, tilt, zoom, crop and adjust the photo all while sitting at the pc and using the mouse to perform all operations.

Charlie Hatfield stated, in an e-mail after the camera was installed:

"Just wanted to thank you for your extremely prompt help and support on such short notice. We appreciate the exceptional service you and the others at Realstar provide us.

Thanks again,


Charlie "

Please give Realstar Solutions a call to receive your free Photo ID information packet including sample cards and literature on all products. 800-554-9111

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