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Realstar Solutions has been addressing its customers technical needs since 1990.  Whether you are installing or updating a photo ID system, automating point-of-sale, implementing KVM switches, installing LAN or technical furniture, or installing a complete front-to-back shipping and receiving system, Realstar can supply you with the hardware and supplies you need

And if you're not sure what equipment, software or supplies will fill your requirements, our experienced sales and hands-on technical support staff can assist you to determine what will meet your needs.

We offer:

Competitive pricing: On a wide choice of products from competing manufacturers.  If we don’t stock a particular item we’ll make every attempt to obtain it for you.

Superior Technical Support: If you're a novice with a general question or an expert with a specific problem we can answer your technical questions and help you get back to work quickly. 

Configurations that work: Realstar technicians have tested and configured the products we offer to ensure that the configuration we recommend or confirm will be right when you receive it.

Service and Repair of FARGO Printers: As a FARGO Authorized Service Provider our technicians are trained to diagnose and repair your FARGO printer.  We stock an extensive supply of parts to ensure quick turnaround.  We also offer warranty repair and extended warranty programs for all FARGO products - whether you purchased them from Realstar or somewhere else.

Toll-free access to real live people: Technically knowledgeable sales and technical representatives with unsurpassed product knowledge and hands-on experience.  Realstar’s customer representatives are trained to provide both sales and technical support on the products we offer.  And they’re available to answer your questions when you call…not after long waits on hold.

No-Hassle Problem Resolution and Returns: No matter how good you or we are problems do occur and products occasionally must be returned.  Realstar offers the easiest and most flexible RMA program in the industry.  Most customers seldom use it, but if you do, you’ll appreciate how simple and painless it is.



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