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HDP 600 High Definition Card Printer/Encoders


HDP600 Model Specifications

Printer/encoders of choice for government, corporate and other high security applications.

Meeting the demand for secure, reliable electronic card personalization.

High-function, high-security electronic ID cards and card systems are no longer reserved for cutting-edge organizations with large budgets. Today, security-conscious organizations everywhere can take advantage of the benefits of smart and proximity cards, thanks to more affordable and capable card personalization systems and card stock.

Fargo’s HDP600 High Definition Card Printer/Encoders consistently and perfectly print, encode and laminate technology-rich ID cards. A combination of features and technology enable these next generation results:

  • Images printed on the underside of clear HDP Film are smoothed right over surface irregularities of cards with embedded electronics, and up to the edges of smart chips — with consistently perfect results.
  • HDP600's optional magnetic encoding, e-card encoding/reading and lamination modules can be built in, or added at a later date. Manage printing, encoding and laminating in one continuous pass.
  • The features that support High Definition Printing technology help you get set up quickly and keep you in control of your print job:
  • Color-coded supplies for fast loading
  • Informative LCD control panel with help text
  • Automatic card cleaning system
  • Reject card hopper for malfunctioning cards

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HDP600 Model Specifications

HDP600 Series Input Hoppers Card Capacity Accepted Card Sizes Reject Card Hopper Encoding Modules* Lamination Module
Dual-Sided Card Printer/Encoders
HDP600 Dual 200 CR-80 Optional Optional Optional
HDP600-LC Dual 200 CR-80 Included Optional Included



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