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HDP 800 High Definition Card Printer/Encoders


HDP800 Model Specifications

Flexible ID systems for high-end security applications.

Adapting to a variety of card electronics, materials and sizes.

When you need exceptional print quality and flexibility on your high-functioning smart card or hard-to-print proximity card, High Definition Printing™ (HDP®) is the answer. The HDP800 Series prints, encodes and laminates cards with embedded electronics - all in one pass.

High Definition printer/encoders transfer crisp, photo-quality images onto the underside of special HDP Film, using 300 dpi and 16.7 million colors. Because of this technology that sandwiches images between HDP Film and the card, you can:


  • Stick to your card budget - Virtually tamperproof and highly durable HDP prints simply last longer.
  • Simplify e-cards – Printing on thick Prox cards and cards with embedded smart chips is just as easy as printing on blank, non-technology cards.
  • Save time – Streamline your entire technology card personalization process: Print, encode and laminate in one desktop machine.
  • Increase efficiencies and improve tracking – HDP encoding options include some of the world's most commonly used e-card technologies, easing integration of card-based access control, time and attendance tracking, cafeteria payments, membership programs and more. The following HDP options are available:

- MIFARE® or HID iCLASS™ Contactless Smart Card encoder
- HID® Proximity card reader
- Dual High-/Low-Coercivity Magnetic Encoding
- In-line, dual-sided Card Lamination Module – factory or field-installed
- PolyGuard™ Overlaminate – clear or holographic

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HDP800 Model Specifications

HDP800 Series Input Hoppers Card Capacity Accepted Card Sizes SmartGuard* Encoding Modules** Lamination Module
Dual-Sided Card Printer/Encoders
HDP820 1 250 CR-80, CR-90 & CR-100 Included Optional Optional
HDP820-LC 1 250 CR-80, CR-90 & CR-100 Included Optional Included
HDP825 2 200 CR-80 N/A Optional Optional
HDP825-LC 2 200 CR-80 N/A Optional Included



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