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AsureID Express


The ideal choice for organizations looking for an affordable, powerful, and easy-to-use stand alone digital identity and photo card management solution with local card production capabilities.


Why Use Asure ID Express:


More Features At Less Cost!


Asure ID Express is the result of Synercard’s research into the needs of digital identity and photo card management software users. They told us what they’d like to see and we built a product they love to use. Amazingly, we also made it more affordable!


Easy To Learn, Easy To Use!


Using Asure ID Express’ advanced card design tools users can easily produce professional cards with magnetic stripes, barcodes, smart chips, variable backgrounds and logos.


Peace Of Mind.


Asure ID Express allows you to easily use the Internet to securely transfer card data to an Asure ID Card Service Bureau for primary or backup card production. It’s easy and means that you can produce cards no matter what.


Express Product Sheet (PDF format)

AsureID Product Comparison (PDF Format)



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