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Windows Based Credit Card Authorization Software

Take charge of your business with GO Authorizer, a 32-bit payment processing software solution that eliminates the ongoing monthly costs of a stand-alone credit authorization terminal. Designed for Windows-based PCs, GO Authorizer authorizes credit, debit and check transactions with a standard modem in just seconds, and then saves the transactions for electronic settlement into your bank account.


  • Suitable for Retail, Mail-Order/Telephone-Order (MOTO), Restaurant and eCommerce merchants
  • May be used standalone or integrated into a POS application
  • Supports multiple merchant accounts
  • Affordable, multi-user system that operates on Windows® 98, 2000 and XP
  • Currently, GO Authorizer offers dial connectivity to 10 different primary payment processors

Simple Setup

  • GO Authorizer is easy to install and set up in just a few minutes. Its simplified setup design is menu-driven for quick installation by even the most non-technical user.
  • GO Authorizer supports a host of popular payment processing peripherals such as POS keyboards with magnetic card readers, RS-232 magnetic card readers, MICR check readers, PIN pads, and most standard receipt printers.

Easy To Use

  • GO Authorizer is simple and fast to use for all transaction types: credit card, debit card, gift card, check verification, address verification, purchase card, and Internet.
  • It can dial for authorization instantly for retail and restaurant merchants, or collect transactions in a batch for later processing for mail/phone order merchants.
  • GO Authorizer is certified for use by the major transaction processors and literally thousands of banks, which means you can keep your existing banking relationships.


  • GO Software has made significant security enhancements to Authorizer based upon Visa’s published Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP) guidelines. Merchants who are not CISP-compliant are at greater risk for credit card fraud and may face substantial fines from Visa. With credit card fraud on the rise, payment application security is of the utmost importance to protect yourself and your customers.
  • GO Authorizer has undergone an evaluation by a Visa CISP qualified assessor. GO is pleased to share the findings of this security assessment with you.



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