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The Rimage Guarantee

Rimage guarantees these discs to both print and record to the end user's satisfaction it they are properly handled and maintained. Rimage will, at its option, replace the media and printing consumables or give a refund of the purchase price should Rimage Media Kit components fail to print and record properly. See the Rimage Media Kit Limited One Year Warranty for a complete explanation of the warranty and terms and conditions, including exclusions, minimum returns and other limitations.


Part #

Rimage Media Kit



210762-001 Everest 1000 CD 1000 CDs/2 CMY/1 TR

43 lbs

210776-001 Everest 500 CD 500 CDs/1 CMY/1 TR 25 lbs
210777-001 Everest 500 DVD 500 DVDs/1 CMY/1 TR 28 lbs
210783-001 Liberty 600 CD 600 CDs/2 CMY/1 Black 25 lbs
210784-001 Liberty 600 DVD 600 DVDs/2 CMY/1 Black 26 lbs

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