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Realstar Solutions can provide custom printed and/or encoded cards for all applications. From small service bureau quantities to large, mass produced cards, Realstar can provide a wide array of products and services covering almost any and all plastic card needs.


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Employee ID. Cards  Photo quality personalized employee cards can be printed for visual identification and also can be encoded, via barcode or magstripe, for time and attendance as well as  access control.


School ID. Cards   Faculty, Staff and Student identification Cards are a staple for visual security in schools today. With added emergency information on the back of the card, this will show that safety is a priority for your institution. Fund raising is also a great application for plastic cards via season passes for sporting events and coupon cards that have taken the place of the large, bulky coupon books sold in the past.


Gift Cards  Barcode or magnetic stripe encoding adds to the value of a custom designed gift cards for Department stores, Theaters, Specialty Retailers and many other industries.


Frequent Shopper Programs  The retail market is competitive and attracting new customers is increasingly difficult and expensive. It has become even more important to maintain and elevate sales to existing customers. Consumers like to be acknowledged and loyal customers deserve to receive special recognition. Let a custom designed card elevate and maintain your valued customer dollar.


Amusement and Gaming -Realstar Solutions is a market leader in custom encoded cards for the Amusement industry. Season passes and encoded magstripe cards for games and attractions are a mainstay in todays recreation facilities.


Membership Cards  From country club membership cards, national health clubs to local organizations, Realstar Solutions provides a broad spectrum of industries with high quality, personalized cards that state a proud affiliation to your organization as well as a confident knowledge that ONLY your members are using your valued facility. 


At Realstar Solutions, we have all the expertise and experience you need for your plastic card needs. Our highly qualified staff will help you design quality cards and assist you in the implementation of your programs. Call today for advice and pricing for your specific applications and ideas.



Please call Realstar at 800-554-9111 or e-mail us at


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