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Realstar Solutions has an inventory of ribbons, cards and cleaning kits for all Photo ID Printers. Please contact us for all of your Photo ID consumable requirements.


Fargo Certified Supplies


Professional Series Ribbons

Persona Series Ribbons


PVC Cards

HoloMark Cards

Fargo Certification

Professional Series Ribbons

Part #


DTC510  515


DTC520   525


  DTC500 Series Printer/Encoders        


Fargo Certified Resin Monochrome Ribbons



Premium Black (K) 3000 images


Fargo Certified Dye-Sub Color Ribbons



YMCKO: Full color ribbon with resin black and clear overlay panel - 400 Images


YMCKK: 60mm full color ribbon with two resin black panels - 400 Images



YMCKOK: Full color ribbon with two resin black panels and clear overlay panel - 300 Images



BO: Dye-sublimation black and clear overlay panel - 1000 images

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Part #


C11, C10

M11, M10

C16, C15



  Persona Series          


Fargo Certified Resin Monochrome Ribbons



Standard Black (K) - 1000 images



Fargo Certified Dye-Sub Color Ribbons



YMCKO: Full color ribbon with resin black and clear overlay panel - 250 Images



YMCKOK: Full color ribbon with two resin black panels and clear overlay panel - 250 Images



BO: Dye-sublimation black and clear overlay panel - 500 images


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Part #




    Standard Overlaminates



Fargo Certified Standard Overlaminates



Polygard 0.6mil Overlaminate, High Resolution Globe design hologram with "Secure" micro-text, 250 count

81789   Polygard 1.0 mil Overlaminate, Clear, 250 count
82258   Standard HoloMark Seal, 250 count/roll (For use onall cards printed by FARGO card printers)



Fargo Certified UltraCard PVC Cards



UltraCard 10 mil, adhesive-backed cards (Note: Card is slightly smaller than CR-80; designed for adhesiion to inside edge of proximity cards)



UltraCard 10 mil, (Note: ideal for use as business cards)



UltraCard 30 mil cards



UltraCard 30 mil cards with High-Coercivity Magnetic Stripe



UltraCard 30 mil cards



UltraCard 30 mil cards

    Fargo Standard HoloMark Cards
82302 CR-80 Standard HoloMark Card Gold
82324 CR-80 Standard HoloMark Card Silver

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 A supply for every printing need

For superior print quality and enhanced security, there’s simply no more reliable, more cost-effective combination than Fargo Card Identity Solutions and Fargo Certified Supplies. Print ribbons, film, overlaminates and cards are precisely designed and rigorously tested to maximize print quality and the performance of Fargo printer.

  • Full-Color Dye-Sublimation Ribbons – smoothly blend up to 16.7 million colors to produce photo-quality images.
  • Black Dye-Sublimation with Clear Overlay Ribbons – ideal for money-saving monochrome applications such as printing smooth black and white photos, text and visible-light-readable bar codes.
  • Resin Ribbons for direct-to-card printers – the economical solution for durable, single-color cards with sharp text and clear, crisp bar codes. A variety of standard and metallic ribbon colors are available along with a unique scratch-off ribbon for specialty applications.
  • CardJet Ink Cartridges – full-color and black ink cartridges are specially engineered for printing onto plastic cards with inkjet technology.
  • CardJet Card Cartridges – specially formulated blank white cards absorb inkjet inks, making them colorfast.
  • HDP Film – exclusive, clear HDP Film is printed and then transferred to a card through heat and pressure. The colors and durability of an HDP print image are superior to a standard card.
  • Overlaminates – clear and holographic PolyGuard and Thermal Transfer Overlaminates, combined with Fargo’s patented, industry-leading laminating technology, provide ultimate card protection. PolyGuard™ Overlaminate is 1 mil or .6 mil thick; Thermal Transfer Overlaminate is .25 mil thick. Custom designs, patterns or logos may be added to Fargo Certified Overlaminates for added security and design possibilities.
  • UltraCards – a vast array of high quality blank white and magnetic stripe cards. UltraCards™ have a glossy PVC laminate on top and bottom and are optically inspected to insure clean, scratch-free cards; high quality prints and extended printhead life. Printed UltraCards have a glossy, photo quality finish. 100% PVC UltraCards provide moderate durability; 60% PVC/40% polyester UltraCard III cards provide maximum durability. UltraCard III is required when using PolyGuard or Thermal Transfer Overlaminate.

Exclusive ribbon technologies for trouble-free operation

Fargo printer/encoders and print ribbons are made for each other. Exclusive Fargo print ribbons offer the latest in ribbon technology:

  • Smart Sensing Cores – Persona Series dye-sublimation and resin print ribbons; and Fargo Overlaminates feature Smart Sensing Cores that detect if the wrong ribbon is installed and promptly display an error message to help prevent card waste.

  • RibbonTraq™ – HDP and DTC Series dye-sublimation print ribbons; and HDP Film feature RibbonTraq™ technology that quickly calibrates the ribbon or film without scrolling through numerous panels, thus speeding production and eliminating waste. RibbonTraq alerts you if the wrong supply has been installed, avoiding printing errors.

  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) – DTC Series resin ribbons feature RFID technology. RFID senses if you have the correct ribbon installed and alerts you when the ribbon runs low, minimizing guesswork and downtime.


Please call Realstar at 800-554-9111 or e-mail us at


for information and the lowest, up-to-date price on any of our products .

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