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   vs. Internet Reseller

Finding "Peace of Mind"

What motivates most customers on the internet? (This is not rocket science.) The answer is price and convenience.

As far as the technical part of the card system purchase, the Internet customer often opts to "wing it." But what happens when they do need help with installation, setup or software? As experience has shown us all, that customer is still likely to expect fast, expert advice and qualified support from their vendor. Some of the internet providers, only out to make a buck, cannot and do not wish to help or provide support after the sale.   Realstar is there for you! Local and friendly support is only one call away. 800-554-9111 or 678-578-3000

Realstar recognizes the need for turnkey, guaranteed-compatible card systems backed by knowledgeable sales and technical people - exactly what we offer. Realstar can still offer budget conscious products with the added comfort of reliable and local help when you need it most.

While the Internet reseller uses a price-driven sales vehicle, Realstar’s business model is set up to consistently offer price-friendly products with the addition of qualified sales and technical staff. Realstar adds value to your solution without unexpected price increases. In other words, we offer true “peace of mind” for your ever increasing time sensitive and busy schedules.

  • Consulting – Realstar has become a trusted advisor for our customers. A customer's request for an ID card printer is just the start of a holistic conversation about how our ID system can solve best meet your identification requirements.
  • Integration – Do you need to integrate an ID card printer with time and attendance, visitor management or logical access applications? The peace of mind that comes from Realstar’s onsite integration expertise is difficult for an Internet reseller to accomplish.
  • Service - Service contracts, whether as an add-on charge or built in to the cost of a complete solution can become very costly to organizations. Realstar has comprehensive yet simple, inexpensive service offerings that will not disrupt your budget.
  • Installation and Training – Whether you will invest hundreds or thousands of dollars in an ID card system, you need to understand how it functions, how it should be maintained and how to use it most efficiently. Realstar is there to guide you through the installation, training and service for your complete secure id card system.                                   Face-to-face training is difficult to come by on the Internet.

ID card systems are often part of larger solutions that involve access control, visitor management, time and attendance, cashless vending, etc. Realstar offers value added software and hardware needed in these applications. On a smaller but just as important scale, we also offer a wide variety of accessories such as clips, lanyards, badge holders, holographic security labels and laminates, custom printed products and bar code scanners, printers and labels. While every customer loves low prices, it should never be the primary buying factor of a true secure and functional photo id. card solution.


Please call Realstar at 800-554-9111 or e-mail us at


for information and the lowest, up-to-date price on any of our products .

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