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Synercard Asure ID Software

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Security Monitoring Systems

Holographic Security

Application Stories

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Digital Publishing/


Custom PVC Cards


Homeland Security

Our extensive vendor relationships allow us to carry a broad selection of products:

   ID and Photo ID Badge Printers, Software and Systems
Receipt Printers

Credit Card Readers
Slot Badge Readers

Cash Drawers
Customer Pole Displays
Programmable Keyboards

Barcode Scanners
Barcode Printers
Receipt Printer Ribbons & Receipt Paper

  Holographic Security

  Security Monitoring Systems
Label Software
Portable Data Collection Terminals
Stock & Custom Labels

  Custom PVC Cards
Mag Stripe Cards
RF / Barcode Scanners & Verifiers

And more….

Realstar’s customer base extends around the world.  We provide hardware, software and integrated solution recommendations for a wide variety of applications and specific vertical markets.


Please call Realstar at 800-554-9111 or e-mail us at


for information and the lowest, up-to-date price on any of our products .

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